Up Plus 2 Temperature Control

For about two years I own an Up Plus 2 3D printer. I’ve won this printer in the Instructable 3D printing contest, after building a LEGO 3d printer. The UP plus 2 3D printer is a so called “plug and play” type. It’s easy to use, and has a low failure rate. And I have to say I am very pleased with this printer.
But this printer also comes with some disadvantages. It only works with the supplied software. Although the software works well, it limits the possibilities of this printer. In particular the temperature can’t be adjusted. The temperature is set at 200 (PLA) or 270 (ABS) degrees celcius. The intention is to use the printer manufacturer’s filament. Which is made to be used at these temperatures.
For other filament brands the default temperature is too high. These have to be used between 220 and 240 degrees celcius (ABS). I’ve tried other filament, with reasonable result. But these filaments really require a lower temperature for a better result.
Another disadvantage of a single supplier is the limited amount of colors. The available colors are limited to black, blue, green, yellow, red and white. Also, the filament is slightly more expensive. Two years ago, the sale price was almost the same (about $30) as regular filament. But there was a difference in weight: 700 gram instead of 1000 gram. And with a fail rate of almost zero, I can live with this.
But now I have to order new filament. And I noticed two things. First, the availability of the filament (in the Netherlands) is a lot less. I can choose between two colors which I don’t want (green and yellow). Secondly, the price has risen to $45 for 700 gram. While I can buy about 2000 grams of regular filament for the same price! And in almost any color.
It appears that the manufacturer has placed new filament on the market. There are now 11 additional colors (with fancy names like Spring Sun Beige, Crystal Sea and Bridesmaid Pink) in stead of 6 colors. But there is also only 500 gram filament on a roll, instead of 700 gram. And the total price for 2 pieces is $40, without shipment.
Due to the poor availability (in the Netherlands) of the original filament, and the price increase, it is time to find a replacement for the original filament.
Fortunately I have experience with building 3d printers. And with some adjustment it is possible to use other filament. And that is where this Instructable is about.”


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