Butterfly Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is an attempt to get our toddler to stay quiet in the morning while we try to continue sleeping.
My wife asked me, “do you mind if I spend $27 on a toddler alarm clock?” When I figured out what such an alarm clock does, I decided I could make that from parts I had in my pile. Wings
Since I have access to a laser cutter at work, I got some 1/4” acrylic and cut/etched the wings. The design came from pixabay and has a creative commons license. https://pixabay.com/en/animal-butterfly-design-insect-1297939/
I took one wing, created a vector outline for the cut and copied it for the second wing. That’s why these don’t exactly match the image linked above.
I played around withe the RGB LEDs to try and find an orientation I liked. It seems the edge of the acrylic deflects light perpendicular to its surface. I had to modify the wings with the angular notch to get the light all the way out to the wing tips.”


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