The 1sheeld Virtual People Counter

A virtual shield and a smartphone, with the addition of ultrasound sensors that allow us to detect passage and direction of anyone crossing a passage. Most of Arduino’s success is also due to the fact that the base features of this board can be expanded by simply adding shields, which are boards containing hardware that is specific for each application. The possibility to add new hardware on the existing base board also provides almost countless development options and encouraged the most important manufacturers of components and electronic devices to propose an innovative and interesting solution. Do you want satellite localization? Add a shield with a GPS receiver! Do you want an application with a graphic display? All you have to do is add a shield with a GLCD (Graphic Liquid Crystal Display). Nowadays, for each function, there is a dedicated shield, which is commercially available in numerous options based on the manufacturer. In this scenario, the team of Integreight had an absolutely genius idea, thinking about the potential of interaction between an Arduino board and a recent smartphone. Actually, many functions carried out by the shield are already present in a smartphone, which is well equipped in terms of built-in sensors; besides, it has a sophisticated communication section ranging from Bluetooth to 3G. Finally, in integrates a high-res display. Well, Integreight team thought that every feature of a smartphone could be represented on a shield for Arduino; all they had to do was establish a communication with Arduino and they were set. That’s where the idea for 1Sheeld came from, that is a unique Arduino shield that allows taking advantage of all the features of a smartphone; the pun is intended and it indicates that it’s just one single shield for many functionalities.”


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