Happiness Tracker build with Raspberry Pi

Several times a year organizes shopping24, the company where I work, so-called hacking Days, where developers can do something to try new things and implement. Be it a craft project, developing a new programming language, trying out new technologies or building of cool features to which they feel like. I built together with Tobi and Jan a Happiness Tracker with a Raspberry Pi. The tracker should have 4 buttons should be available for the moods “Super”, “Good”, “Not so good”, “bad”. A status light should light up permanently, so we can see that the device is operational. If someone pushes one of the buttons, we wanted to have a visual feedback in the form of a hook, so that the person sees directly that the pressure was registered. With the help of a small animation (it lights up an LED after another) we wanted to bridge a period of 5 seconds in which the device is locked before a next print, so you multiply can quickly press the buttons not in succession and thus the result falsified. The Happiness Tracker is now placed at the entrance of the office so that employees can click a button in passing to enter their current mood. This is then pumped in connection to a database and can in an Insights Board ( Grafana be viewed).”


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