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Cheap Arduino Combat Robot Control

The resurgence of Battlebots in the States and Robot Wars in the UK reignited my love of combat robotics. So I found a local group of bot builders and dived right in. We fight at the UK ant weight scale (150 gram weight limit) and I quickly realised the traditional way to build a bot involved RC gear: an expensive RC transmitter, a bulky or expensive receiver and ESCs (electronic speed controllers) which are magic boxes that can handle way more current than is necessary for a bot of this size. Having used Arduino in the past I wanted to try and do things differently and set myself a goal of an Arduino system that can receive a combat legal signal and control two drive motors for around USD$5 (half the cost of a cheap ESC) To help achieve this goal I remixed this RC car instructable, reducing the weight/cost of the receiver and generating 4 PWM signals to run a cheap h-bridge chip. This instructable will focus on the Arduino control system but I’ll add additional information to help new people build their first bot”

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