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LED Cube Pendant - Worlds Smallest LED Cube

It all started when I stumbled across Harifun’stiny LED cube almost 10 month ago. He has done a great work on miniaturizing Ashler Glick’s innovative charliecube, which uses charlieplexing to control a 4x4x4 RGB LED cube with nothing but 16 IOs - no driver circuitry needed. Despite being the smallest cube to that day, I was aware that there are even smaller LEDs, so - technically - it should be possible to shrink it even further, right?! But the more important question is: What is the smallest thing that we makers can build, at a reasonable budget and with humble tools? This project was a quest to figure it out! The final result is so small that it could be worn with a necklace, but I use mine as a key fob. While most of this project is fairly simple, everything soldering related is a tough. It’s not impossible, but definitely not a beginners project either. Are you up for the challange? Let’s get started!”

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