ESP8266 Soil Moisture Sensor to Domoticz

The ESP8266 is a great little device. Nowadays we can see it implemented on all sorts of projects, creating great gadgets and doing unbelievable things. I wanted to start developing some projects using this great device. I’m currently working on area of systems integration with closed sourced solutions, but this gave me motivation to start developing some solutions that in the future maybe i can integrate in my daily basis work. But for now i’m going to start creating a network of sensors at my house. I like to see the flow of data and how i can relate several informations from different sensors. So, for this project I’m going to implement the ESP8266 with a Soil Moisture sensor that is collecting data from my garden and send it to a Domoticz Server. This Sensor will give me the information whether the plant needs watering, or if everything is alright.”


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