Localino: Open Source Indoor Location System (Arduino + Decawave)

This instructable explains how to build an indoor location system with centimeter accuracy for <$ 200 using ultra wideband. do it yourself. Most indoor location systems make use of wifi, bluetooth, wifi fingerprinting etc and show accuracies within several meters. Ultra wideband systems offer high accuracy (cm range), due to wide signal bandwidth. However, these UWB systems are very expensive, so for a setup where you want to localize something in your project (for example maneuver your lawnmower) you can easily spend > $1000 or more. We decided to make a universal PCB that can be used as tag or anchor with or without wifi interface and an UWB ranging transceiver. With these diy-kits you can setup an indoor location system consisting for 3 anchors + 1 tag for around $200! And its even less, if you just want to measure the proximity to something… (1 anchor + 1 tag).”


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