Warping Infinity Mirror

An infinity mirror is part of an upcoming build of mine. There are lots of great descriptions of how to make these on the site already, and I checked a lot of them out - especially Ben Finio’s excellent and encouraging Arduino-powered version. However, I was keen to leverage my novice skills with Fusion360 (the first solid 3D modeling program I’ve used) and 3D printed the enclosure for a flexible string (rather than a strip) of LEDs. I was very happy with the look of the final product - the diffusers made it easy on the eye, it had an interesting exposed look to the wiring, and I liked how the back of each LED case glowed. The first one I made was 6” in diameter and had 25 LEDs: this one is 9” in diameter and has 50 LEDs (the entirety of one string). If you’ve never made an infinity mirror because it looks too complex, but would like to and you have access to a 3D printer, try this one. It doesn’t use much resin (and needs no support material) and no significant making/computing/programming/wiring skills are required. It also has a neat interactive twist: a handle on the front allows you to warp the mirror, creating neat wormhole effects.”


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