All the colours of the RainboW but no RBG LED in sight . . .

This project came about when i wanted to create a pulsing night/mood light that randomly decides on a colour and then gently lights up and then down again. The problem was that i had no RGB LED and the one i had ordered from China had not turned up and got lost in the post :(. After some time I remembered the old television pixels and thought maybe i can do this with 3 normal LED’s in stead. So off i when to scavenge for LEDs … The project consists of 3 normal LED’s, a micro controller (the awesome ATMega328p) on a breadboard, some batteries, a pingpong ball as a diffuser and in order to control the luminosity 3 variable resistors. This togheter with the code enabled me to create a very nice night light for bed time. The difference with this one is that its not very bright, which is what i wanted as most of them are quite bright and in my opinion way to bright for night lights.”


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