Arduino Treasure Hunt

I have always liked movies like National Treasure and the like. Ones that has a team of people that are running all over trying to solve some riddle or a string of riddles to, get the gold, get the girl, save the world, become instantly rich,etc. I have three adult children and getting them gifts for Christmas or birthdays has always been a challenge. The average gift holds their interest for only a short time and I wanted to make something that they would remember and talk about with their children. So I created a treasure hunt that wound its way around our town placing clues and keys in libraries, police stations, school play grounds, friendly businesses, parks, memorials and anyplace else that catches my fertile imagination. The first version was a horrible failure. The kids were good sports about my mistakes and we muddled through. Version two was much better as I got my pride out of the way and asked for help. Version three backslid some as I started using Arduinos to make the final prize more flashy. The fourth version was a total success. This is an instructable based on the fourth version or how I built my “Treasure Box”“


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