Arduino Bottlefiller

If you are an homebrewer you know how is boring to bottle 60 or more liters. And you also know how a good bottle filler is expensive. When I say a good bottle filler i mean one whith at least 3 valves to fill your bottles, a pump to initiate the flow and a way to stop the flow when the bottle is full. This kind of stuff cost 2600 in Europe. Soooo, i’ll will explain you how to make a very cheap and versatile bottle filler with an arduino. According to your need you can add more or less valves, i tried the system with 2 and it’s working well, so now i’ll be make it for 6. All my code and schematics are doing for 6 valves, but you can use them for less. But if you want more you’ll need to change some parts!”


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