Moldover's Light-Theremin CD (DIY version)

I released my first original album (self-titled) as Moldover in 2009. The Awesome Edition of this album came on a CD mounted onto a custom-designed circuit board that is also a musical instrument. This instrument is a simple, self-contained, analog synthesizer called a Light-Theremin. I enjoy helping people learn how to make cool stuff, so I also created the “DIY Awesome Edition” of the album, which is essentially a kit so you can make your own Light-Theremin. This instructable will teach you how to assemble one of these kits, and you’ll learn some basic soldering skills in the process. For more info about the original project and a demonstration of the Light-Theremin, watch the video above. if you’d like to order a kit, or some of the other cool things I make, please visit my webstore.”


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