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The IC 74LS373 is a transparent latch consists of a eight latches with three state outputs for bus organized systems applications.It is a 20 pin IC comprises of eight input data lines (D0-D7) and eight output lines (O0-O7). The OE pin was meant for Output enable and LE pin for Latch enable.And the rest two pins VCC for power supply and GND for Ground. Let’s move in to the working of latch IC 74LS373.

Talking clock

“Retro clock with seven segment display, WDC65C02 microprocessor and SP0256 voice synthesis chip. Few years ago I began my experiments with retro microprocessors. Their eventual result was a design of board consisting WDC65C02 CPU, EPROM, static RAM chip and couple …

8085 homebrew computer

“A custom pc based on 8085 with custom assembler and EEPROM programmer. This project consist of an assembler project written in Python in order to translate the assembly code into machine code recognizable from the 8085 microprocessor, acustom EEPROM writer …

SPEBEG (Single Player Eight Bit Electronic Game)

“Finally got around to finishing the last details of an old shcool project. A simple 8bit game, aim with the joystick at the target and fire! Increase points and try to keep up with the increasing speed!”

Digital Circuits 2: Some Tools

“When we work on electronic circuits, there are some tools that get frequent use. Things like multi-meters, oscilloscopes, and waveform generators. Working with digital circuit has some use for those, but brings with it different requirements that require different tools …