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Being a Robotics enthusiast I always wanted to build a Self Balancing Robot but never build untill now.

Self Balancing Robots are not a new thing to the world, what makes this build different from other Self Balancing Robots is the compact design and modularity of the build. The robot can be build by just plugging in various modules and can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

So let’s build one.

The Breadboard
A PCB is generally used to connect electronic components together but as we want our build to be modular and easy to assemble, the best way to do so is to use a breadboard. We will use 2 mini breadboards to connect everything electrically.

Micro-controller board which we will use to control the motors, sense the angle of tilt and to implement PID algorithm will be Arduino Nano. The processing power of atemga328 (the micro-controller around which Arduino Nano is developed) is just enough and its all pins are breadboard compatible.

Motion tracking Device
To measure the tilt angle we will use MPU6050 a motion tracking device which has 3 axis accelerometer and 3 axis gyroscope and will use a complimentary filter to combine measurements from accelerometer and gyroscope to get noise free and stable angle values.

Motors used for this build will be 12V 300RPM N20 micro gear motors with compatible wheels and mounting brackets.

Motor Driver
To drive the motors we will be using L293d motor driver. This driver has two full H-bridge driver in a single DIP-package perfect for our application.

A 3D printed support will be used to hold things all together and jumper wires will used to connect everything electrically.

Electronics Components:
- Mini breadboard x 2
- Arduino Nano x 1
- MPU6050 x 1
- L293D motor driver - DIP package x 1
- N20 micro gear motor - 12V 300 RPM x 2
- Compatible N20 motor wheels x 2
- 9V batteries x 2

- Single strand wires - multi colors
- 3D printer/ printing service
- Male pin headers
- Battery snap connector
- Zip ties
- Jumper wires
- 12 power supply
- dc jack to screw terminal
- Rubber band

- Solder iron
- Solder wire
- Plier”

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