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Learn how to build a digital weight scale and force gauge with load cell sensor (H26R0x) and Raspberry Pi.

This project uses Hexabitz modules to measuring the boxing punch force. It’s definitely an effective way to learn about load cell sensor, Raspberry Pi interface module & Hexabitz development C++ library.

The force of an object is a product of that object’s acceleration and mass. English physicist Isaac Newton introduced this fundamental identity of classical mechanics with his second law of motion, F = ma. F represents force; m represents mass; and the variable a represents acceleration. A fighter’s fist or a boxer’s glove when it reaches a punching bag will have a force dependent on how fast the fist or glove is speeding up and the mass of the fist or glove and arm. The unit of force is typically the Newton (N), which is one kilogram meter per second squared.

Punch power isn’t everything in boxing, supreme attacking skill, speed and defensive maneuvers are the keys to victory. However, ask any boxer and they’ll tell you that they want more punch power.”

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