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The project described here is a high-efficiency dual BTL class-D audio amplifier with single supply operations. The project was built using TDA7491LP13TR from ST. The low profile PCB design can fit in a small area, operating power supply 9-12V DC, Project supports single-ended or differential audio signal inputs. Jumpers are provided to set the various gains, standby, and mute functions.

- 5W + 5W Continuous Output Power, 10% THD, (8 Ohms Speaker) at 9V DC
- Single Supply Operation 9V to 12V
- Four Selectable Fixed Gains Settings of nominally 20dB, 26dB, 30dB, 32dB Using Jumpers
- Differential Inputs Minimize Common-Mode Noise
- Jumper for Single-Ended Inputs
- No “Pop” Sound at Turn-On/Off
- Thermal Over Load Protection
- Standby and Mute Features Using Jumpers
- PCB Dimensions 63.25 x 32.39 mm”

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