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Thank you for stopping by this article on making a H-Bridge circuit for converting DC voltages to AC voltage.

This simple yet effective setup is very useful in inverter applications where we need to convert high voltage DC to 50 or 60 Hertz AC signal that can be used to drive out AC loads. Such H bridge is quite common in relatively cheap modified square wave inverters though this can also be used in pure sine wave inverters with appropriate modifications.

IRF840 N channel MOSFETs - 4
MPSA42 or 13003 NPN BJT - 2
FR107 or UF4007 diode - 2
1N4148 general purpose diode - 4
47uF-25V electrolytic capacitor - 2
4.7K resistor - 2
2.2K resistor - 2
10K resistor - 2
22R resistor - 4
1MegaOhm resistor - 1
0.1uF/400V film capacitor - 1
2 pin Screw terminal - 2
Soldering kit and accessories
PCB making items or verodoard ( depends upon how you want to make it)”

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