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Climate Change, a highly debated high school topic, but do we really care about it? We see politicians, scientists, researchers, philanthropists, conservationists and almost everyone blaming each other for every climate catastrophe occurring today. The real question is what climate change or change are we talking about?

CliSensio - Climate Sensing and Insect Infestation Control is a new adaptive device that runs SensiML AutoML audio recognition on the edge to recognize disease spreading vectors, hungry pests and threatful species. CliSensio device firmware can be flashed for mosquito species identification, pest, rodents identifications and elimination responses.

Change is never easy for any species or life form but it happens in order to survive and evolve and this is the change we need in order to challenge climate change - the change could be in form of laws to reduce carbon emissions, conserve biodiversity, advanced technologies which can outperform existing techs in terms of greener energy or total innovative revamping of traditional ways of all human activities.

According to soil scientists, at current rates of soil destruction (i.e. decarbonization, erosion, desertification, chemical pollution), within 50 years we will not only suffer serious damage to public health due to a qualitatively degraded food supply characterized by diminished nutrition and loss of important trace minerals, but we will literally no longer have enough arable topsoil to feed ourselves.

Without protecting and regenerating the soil on our 4 billion acres of cultivated farmland, 8 billion acres of pastureland, and 10 billion acres of forest land, it will be impossible to feed the world, keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, or halt the loss of biodiversity. Important Note: This project was the result of a discussion with my parents on environment conservation especially saving food crops, beneficial insects and supporting our farmers.

We need to understand a very critical thing- “We all know the changes happening, we all can see climate catastrophes and loss of living organisms and their habitats but we haven’t made much effort in saving those because over the past decades we have only made detection and warning systems when the world needs self-activation systems to control the situation.” Those words were like North Star for my project development. Also, this project was initiated on May 20, World Bee Day - aiming to protect the unsung heroes of nature. My innovation and solution here are to ‘adapt and mitigate’ and not to ‘detect and forget’.

- QuickLogic Corp. QuickFeather Dev Kit with UART Cable + SensiMLhe QuickFeather is powered by QuickLogic’s EOS™ S3, the first FPGA-enabled Arm Cortex®-M4F MCU to be fully supported with Zephyr RTOS. AutoML tool enabled. All the steps mentioned can be utilized for Arduino Nano BLE 33 Sense, since SensiML provides support for Arduino as well, the only thing you need t do in last step is to get Arduino nano BLE 33 firware after ML from SensiML
- Seeed Grove - Water AtomizationAtomize liquids, perfume or solution in vapour form to take your project to an advanced level. The liquid is fed through the centre of a nozzle with a relatively large orifice, without pressure, and is atomized due to ultrasonic vibrations in the nozzle.
- Solar Panel, 2.5 W
- SparkFun Sunny Buddy - MPPT Solar Charger
- SensiML studio”

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