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For this Instructable you will need:

1- 3d Printer
2- CAD software( TinkerCad / Fusion360 )
3- PLA and TPU filament
4- Servos [ MG995 ]
5- Arduino
6- Wires and Breadboard
7- Rubber bands
8- Thread / String ( nylon preferred )

I was always inspired and thrilled after seeing movies on robot or movies which had robot in them from Wall-e to Iron-man to Alita: battle angle . I am also very enthusiast about robotics and believe that we can improve our life with the help of robotics. We can be like cyborgs and do some heavy or complex stuff easily.

I also am an Engineering student so I thought lets build a Robotic-cum-Prosthetic Hand that can be used in both purposes with a few to no modification.

So here I have designed a Robotic hand inspired and taken idea from two different open source projects and added my inputs and design to it to fit the purpose. The arm is build using completely 3D printed parts. It is designed in ThinkerCAD and Fusion360. The material used for 3D printing is PLA ( Poly Lactic Acid ) which is a bio-plastic and is biodegradable. To make movement such as fingers opening and closing as well as rotation of wrist a total of 5 servo (MG995) motors are used which are controlled using an Arduino board. Also the robotic hand can be controlled using potentiometers, EMG sensors, AR-VR gloves or just direct coding. A string tension mechanism is used using a pulley to actuate fingers while a servo is directly connected to bottom plate for rotation of wrist. 3D printed TPU hinges and Rubber bands are used for push back action of fingers once the tension in string is released.”

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