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Earth Day 2021: Stream Research

Our natural waterways are beautiful, provide recreation and support agriculture. We must ensure their health, safety and conservation!

To me, it represents so much more. As a child, I grew up swimming and fishing in Flat Creek, and it holds a very special place in my heart. As my children grow up, I want to share my love of the creek and make new memories with them.

Sadly, I’ve noticed an increase in general pollution (e.g. styrofoam cups, plastic bottles, aluminum cans), and I’ve begun to wonder what else might be in the water that is NOT visible. Often, this “invisible” danger poses the greatest threat to wildlife and public health.

There are several potential sources of water pollution in Flat Creek:

Cassville Waste Treatment Facility
Rainwater runoff from the City of Cassville
Nitrates from fertilizers used in agriculture
My Goal

I’ve decided to dedicate this Earth Day to creating a remote water quality monitoring station. Specifically, one which uses widely available, reasonably priced, and relatively accurate sensing equipment. My goal is to create a blueprint that can be easily recreated by STEM classrooms and enthusiasts across the country, and foster better understanding, awareness and respect for our impact on the environment.

Data is power, and with sufficient data we can approach our respective municipalities, and provide them with all the information they need to seek or allocate funding for the preservation and conservation of our natural waterways.”

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