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ThimbleKrox - Mouse Control with Your Fingers

A thimble which, thanks to a GY-521 and an Arduino Leonardo, is able to control the mouse pointer.

Hello everyone, here is my first project, ThimbleKrox that is a thimble that allows you to control the mouse pointer through the movement of the index (or any finger).

Step 1: Materials and tools needed
Materials needed:

Arduino Micro
a cable to connect the Arduino and the PC (micro USB to USB)
Jumper (to connect the Arduino and the MPU-6050)
an elastic (if you want to attach the Arduino to your hand)
Tools needed:

a computer with the Arduino IDE installed (to boot the code in the Arduino)
Soldering iron (only if the Arduino does not have the pins connectors pre-assembled)
3D printer (if you want your thimble to look cool)”

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