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Driving a 3-phase brushless DC motor is very easy with this project. It is a simple and easy-to-build project that requires only a few external components. The circuit is based on AMT49400 IC which is an advanced 3-phase, Sensorless, brushless DC (BLDC) motor driver with integrated power MOSFETs. The chip includes the field-oriented control (FOC) algorithm which is fully integrated to achieve the best efficiency and acoustic noise performance. The motor speed is controlled by applying a duty cycle signal to the PWM input. Users may use Arduino, microcontroller, or discrete circuit to generate PWM for the speed controller. It is a hassle-free easy to use board, just connect the 3 phase brushless motor, connect the power supply and feed PWM to control the speed of the motor. This project is the best choice to drive a FAN motor, small pumps, and brushless toy motors, etc.

The integrated field-oriented control (FOC) algorithm achieves the best efficiency and dynamic response and minimizes acoustic noise. Allegro’s proprietary non-reverse start-up algorithm improves start-up performance. The motor will start up towards the target direction after power-up without reverse shaking or vibration. The Soft-On Soft-Off (SOSO) feature gradually increases the current to the motor at “on” command (windmill condition), and gradually reduces the current from the motor at the “off” command, further reducing the acoustic noise and operating the motor smoothly.

Lock Detect: A logic circuit monitors the motor position to determine if the motor is running as expected. If a lock condition is detected, the motor drive will be disabled for 5 seconds before an auto-restart is attempted.”

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