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Hey, if you don’t know me, I am an all-around DIY enthusiast that makes all kinds of projects. But making DIY tools is something special for me. The process of figuring out how it should work, designing, building, and seeing them in action is what makes me love this so much.

So I designed and made my first 8-inch bandsaw with variable speed-control, soft-start function, 45-degree tiltable table, and adjustable dust collection port.

I am not a pro in fields like woodworking, electronics, or 3D printing, I just love making stuff. My goal of this instructable/video is to show step by step building process that combines those fields and that you don’t need to be a pro with a decked-out workshop to make projects like this. Hey, look at me… I only have my tiny work-corner, it is not even a workshop!

Main Components & Materials:
- Plywood (12mm thick)
- MDF (18mm thick)
- Wood glue
- 30-minute epoxy
- Polyurethane wood floor finish
- Stainless steel shaft/rod (12mm diameter)
- Bearings for wheels KFL001
- Bearings for guides 606ZZ
- Hanger bolt (for tensioning part)
- Threaded inserts (I used M6 and M4 size)
- Clamping knobs
- Slip joint hinges for the table
- Aluminum U-channels
- Rubber feet
- 24V 250W DC motor
- Sprocket 25H 55T
- Roller Chain 25H 04C
- DC 6-60V PWM Controller w/soft-start
- 24V 350W PSU

Main Tools:
- 3D printer
- 12V drill
- 20V drill
- 90-degree adapter
- Drill press
- Jigsaw
- Router
- Rotary tool
- Chisel set
- Fretsaw
- Speed square
- Carpenter L square
- Combination square
- Clamps
- Small clamps
- Forstner bits
- Cutting saw bits

Other Things:
Bolts, nuts, washers, wood screws, electrical or grip tape, wires and connectors to power the motor.”

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