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A homopolar motor is a direct current (DC) electric motor which produces constant circular motion. This device is easy to create. A permanent magnet is attached to one terminal of a DC power supply. A conducting wire connects the other terminal to the magnet, thus completing the circuit. This wire should be free to rotate whilst always maintaining contact with both the terminal and magnet. The current (I) flowing through the wire will produce a magnetic field. This field will interact with the magnetic field (B) produced by the permanent magnet, and a Lorentz force (F) will be exerted perpendicular to the directions of I and B.
The Lorentz force acting on the wire which causes it to turn. This force results from the interaction of the electric and magnetic forces in electromagnetic fields. In the presence of a magnetic field, a moving charged particle, such as an electron carrying the current in the wire, will experience a force.
While I was reading these lines, I thought it would be cool to add led lighting to the device. To achieve this goal I have built a special configuration of the homopolar motor doesnt use batteries but use more magnets to increase the contact surface and so the Lorentz force.
Here is the result I hope you like.

Acetate sheet
(20) Countersunk Magnets
Tin rods
Screw and nut
3 V power supply
(3) 3 mm. green led
Wooden rods”

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