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For me, this is one of those projects that Ive been wanting to build for years but could never seem to get around to it. Well now I have.
Taking inspiration from other drill press tables Ive seen, I set out to design my own. I used the Fusion 360 design program to do so. I love this program for the amount of detail it offers and the ability to make highly detailed building plans straight from the program. And, speaking of building plans, if you are interested in the plans for this build, you can get them from my website.

Drill press
Table saw or Circular saw
Clamps (spring clamps and F-style clamps)
Jig saw
Tape measure
Power drill
1/2 drill bit
Chisels (optional)
Mallet (optional)
Dado stack for a table saw (optional)
Band saw or hack saw
Orbital sander with sandpaper (120 to 220 grit)
Paste wax
Bastard file
Dust collector - Still makes a great table even with out dust collection.
Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue
1/4-20 Threaded Insert for Wood
T-Slot Bolts 1/4-20 Thread Size T-Bolt 3.5 Inch Long
T-Track with Predrilled Mounting Holes(2-Pack), 24
Four Arm Knob, Fluted Rim, Threaded Hole, 1/4-20 Thread Size x 3/8 Thread Length, 1-1/2 Width (Pack of 5)
2-1/2 Inch Universal Dust Port
UltraPro Food Grade Mineral Oil 1 Gallon
Starbond EM-150 Clear Medium, Premium CA Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Super Glue
Starbond Instant Set Accelerator
POWERTEC 71083 T-Track Hold-Down Clamp, 5-1/2 L x 1-1/8 W”

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