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On one of my regular trips to the junk store, I came across an old racing car game. The game itself was pretty lame but what caught my attention was the case. The design was pure retro awesomeness and I knew I had to build something with it.
After a little thought, I decided to combine a few other builds I have done in the past to make a sound bender with dancing LED’s.
A sound bender is really just that. You can record sounds into a small IC via a mic and then twist a potentiometer to change the pitch. This can be done quite easily by circuit bending a cheap module from eBay. However, I decided to build a custom PCB which incorporated the voice recorder, dancing LED’s and amp.
So what does it do?
Well, you can record a sound and twist and change the pitch. It also has echo and reverb module as well which gives it a whole other sonic dimension. You can pause or restart the sounds as well which gives you the ability to play it (kind of). All the while LED’s are dancing around to the sound.”

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