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I find that working as an electrical engineer in a professional environment causes you to think about electrical design differently than you might in the makerspace. You learn how to do simple designs really quickly, but also have to consider a number of variables you wouldn’t need to when just doing it for fun, such as signal integrity, accuracy of voltages, and the list goes on and on. I’ve been looking for ways to get more creative in personal engineering projects, and recently discovered the art of freeform circuit sculptures. This artform is actually a little difficult to get into if you haven’t tried, so I decided to make a platform for lighting some LEDs to start with while I improve my ability to solder brass and copper wires.

- Soldering Iron
- Solder
- File (to file down the brass wires)

Parts (Per Board):
8x - 22uF capacitors (can be larger)
7x - Transistors (2N3904 is fine)
7x - 33kOhm resistors (can be changed based on capacitor)
7x - 220Ohm resistors
1x - Button Battery Cell Clip
1x - On/Off Switch

For the Sculptures:
7x - 5mm LEDs
- Brass wire or copper wire”

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