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Simple FM stereo receiver based on QN8035 for Raspberry Pi.

The QN8035 is a stereo FM radio receiver launched by the Quintic Corporation. Compared to other popular digital FM tuners (RDA5807, TEA5767, etc.), this tuner does not seem to be as popular among the DIY community.

In this article, I will describe my test setup and software applications built around this IC. After a few days of testing, I construct a fully functioning Raspberry Pi 3 based FM radio receiver using this IC.

The core components of this radio receiver are the QN8035 tuner and 32.768kHz oscillator. This entire radio design is to be powered by a 3.3V power supply. In our prototype, we drive this radio receiver using 3.3V supply terminals provided on the Raspberry Pi board.

The I2C bus has been used to interface the Raspberry Pi and QN8035 tuner IC. On Raspberry Pi, the I2C pull-ups are not necessary with this module. For other development boards, please check the pull-up resistor requirement from the documentation/schematic.”

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