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This is a precision, low power oscillator that occupies very little space. The oscillator frequency is adjustable using an onboard multi-turn trimmer potentiometer. The output of the circuit is very accurate and has a 1.5% frequency error. The project operates with a single 5V power supply and provides a rail-to-rail, 50% duty cycle square wave output. The CMOS output driver of the chip ensures fast rise/fall times and rail-to-rail switching. A multi-turn trimmer provided to adjust the master oscillator frequency between 1Khz to 20Mhz. Jumper provided for the three-state DIV input which determines the master clock is divided by 1, 10,100 before the output, providing three frequency ranges spanning 1Khz to 20Mhz. The output of the project can drive 5 KΩ and/or 10pF loads. The output of the project is limited to 50mA.”

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