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Discrete Chain Link Oscillator

The following project will describe how to turn 5 discrete components into a building block which when serially connected will form an extendable flashing lighting chain.
Just a simple discrete solution without the aid of a microcontroller. Even so each block can have a different coloured LED and these can be assembled within the chain in any colour combination required.
Not a replacement for a Neopixel just different.
Point LED red_
_BC849 SOT23

equivalent components may be substituted.
_47K 1206

470R 1206
10uF/16V Electrolytic
21 AWG solid core Enamelled copper wire or flexible wire.
Eagle PCB software
Candle GRBL
3018Pro or similar
Single sided copper clad PCB board
Alternative Assembly - Stripboard
_NPN Transistor (ZTX337)

3mm Low Current LED
equivalent components may be substituted.

47K resistor
470R resistor
10uF/16V Electrolytic capacitor
One set of components per block is required. Just multiply the component (5) by the number of blocks.

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