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Mini-TV Weather Station With the ESP32!

Hello everyone, today I’m going to show you how I built a Mini-TV weather station with the ESP32! This is a very fun project I made over Christmas break, that should be relatively easy for people of all skill levels. Here is the weather data that it will display:

Current Temperature
Minimum Temperature
Maximum Temperature
Atmospheric Pressure
Wind Speed
Let’s get started!

Here are the parts as well as the links to buy them:

128x128 RGB OLED Here
ESP32 Dev Module Here
Brown, Black, and Grey paint Here
Li-Po Here
Charging Circuit Here
3.3v to 5v converter Here
Slide switch Here
Wire Here
Push Button Here
Multimeter Here
Lead free Solder Here
Soldering Iron Kit Here
(don’t use solder in kit)”

Link to article