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A small noise/drone synth with percussion mode. Made using the Mozzi library and two Arduino Nanos.

This project was made as a thank-you present to a friend of mine for helping me with a repetitive stress injury that flared up really badly late last year.

It’s a phase modulation synthesizer with an internal LFO controlling the modulation and an optional internal envelope with controllable decay to turn it into a (pretty janky and bizarre) drum machine. It has two voices (one per Nano) and the following parameters are controllable via the pots for each voice:

- Carrier frequency
- Carrier waveform
- Modulator frequency (in integer multiples of the carrier)
- Modulator waveform
- LFO frequency
- LFO amplitude
- LFO waveform
- Decay
Below is a video of my friend trying to figure out what it does (I gave it to him as a surprise without any instructions or explanation).”

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