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The project presented here is a versatile high voltage Half-Bridge with current feedback. The board is built using L6390 IC from ST Semiconductor. It is suitable for DC-DC converters, EHT drivers, induction heater drivers, battery chargers, LED drivers, DC motor speed controller and field-oriented control (FOC) motor driving application etc. The user can make a FOC Brushless motor driver with 3 of these units, Bidirectional Brushed DC motor can be controlled with 2 units. FDH3632 MOSFETs rated at 100V DC and 80A Current drive the output. Other High voltage and high current MOSFET can be used as per voltage and current requirements.

I have tested this board with 2A load and input frequency 10-80Khz. This project provides several more functions such as current feedback output, smart shutdown, fault shutdown etc. The board has two logic inputs, HIN and LIN, to separately control the high side and low side outputs, HVG and LVG. HIN is in phase with HVG, while LIN is out of phase with LVG. The signal inversion on the low side input allows control of the half-bridge output with only one control input signal. This board can work with double logic inputs or single input configuration. (See figure below for input configuration). Operating Load power supply 24V – 90V DC and logic supply 12-15V DC. U2 Regulator provides 3.3V DC output to drive Op-Amp circuitry and pull-ups. The board supports input signals 3.3V or 5V. Use large a size heatsink on MOSFETs for heat dissipation.”

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