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Deploy an object detection model on DPU to build a system which can show detected commodities in VCU decoded video or images from camera.

Introduction :
Checkout So Easy is a smart retail system on ZCU104 with VCU and DPU.

As following, there are two scenario of Checkout So Easy.

1.Checkout So Easy acts as a cloud
All things start with a video which records the commodities. A video with format such as mp4 been sent to the system. With the help of VCU decoder, we will feed the frames of the video after decoded into DPU to calculate the price of the commodities. The results such as detail of commodities, price, and the image detection video will been showed on the monitor.

2. Checkout So Easy acts as an edge
The information of commodities are captured from camera connected to ZCU104. Images captured from the camera will be sent into DPU to calculate the result of the commodities, and the details will been showed on the monitor. Different from scenario 1, the results on the monitor will be recorded frame by frame. With the help of VCU encoder, we can store the video made up by the frames. The videos prevent the disadvantage when some disputes occur, so we can check the whole procedure about the deals.

In the demo of this project
As following demo video, in this project, we demo scenario 1. However, user also have the choice using the camera as an input source. That is, we have two modes of the Checkout So Easy. First, the source is video from somewhere and this is the same as scenario 1 mentioned above. Second, the source is camera. In this mode, we only use DPU to calculate the result of the images and show on the monitor.”

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