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Illuminated 7-point-star: A combined 3D-printing and electronics project using WS2812B based striplights for seasonal decoration.

Out from my former projects with WS2812b based stripligths I focused this time on the 3D printing part to give my electronics a nice case: A 7-point-star to be used for the seasonal decoration.

The electronics, again, Cypress PSoC4BLE, and its firmware allows to address individual colors for the points and the body of the star. The program sequencer runs some color effects defined by the user. Further, the star can be controlled via BLE, same as the firmware can be upgraded Over-the-Air (OTA). Let us see some details…

The complete star consists of eleven 3D-printed parts:

7 x Star Points (Choose 15, 17 or 19 cm length)
1 x Star Body (approx. 11 cm)
1 x Inner Plate fixing the electronics
2 x Cover Lids”

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