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This is a project to build an adaptor for using GameCube controllers with N64 consoles. The motivation behind this is that the N64 has some really great games, but the controller hardware is rather bad- the joysticks wear out quickly, and the layout is odd. The GameCube controllers, however, have a superset of the features and a much better joystick.

A secondary goal of this project is to more thoroughly reverse engineer the protocols involved and create reusable libraries for interfacing PIC microcontrollers to N64 and GameCube devices. The very basics of reverse engineering the two protocols were done before Micah (@scanlime) started this project, but she quickly discovered that there’s much more to the protocol. We believe this project may be the first one to completely reverse engineer the protocol used by standard N64 controllers, including peripherals like the Controller and Rumble Paks.

All code here is released under the GPL. This means that if you have basic electronics skills and a way to program the microcontroller, you can build your own cube64 adaptor easily. The hardware is extremely simple, and all the complexity of reverse engineering and writing code is done for you ;)”

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