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MMR: Magnetic Motion Robot

Magnetic Motion Robot (MMR) is a DIY STEAM education robot thinked to build children’s interest in science and cultivate their essential skills of coding using mBlock

MMR is an original robot can only move in a metalic surface using eletromagnets.

Equipped with an IR sensor, a line follower sensor and a buzzer, MMR could be a treasure trove of fun with easy coding, empowering children with the skills to turn their imagination into reality and experience the delight out of their achievement.

Using Makeblock, programming is as simple as assembling building blocks.

I hope you like.

Arduino MICRO (ATmega32U4)
(2) micro servos
(3) electromagnets
(1) IR sensor
(1) buzzer
(1) led strip
(1) step up boost converter (DC-DC) (MT3608)
(1) micro USB 4,7V battery charger
(1) 4,7V battery 1200 mah
Magnetic board
Plastic Ball

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