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Make a Forehead thermometer at home!

Homemade forehead temperature gun
It took a long time to make a work, a forehead gun! The only work that was useful during the epidemic!


Since February 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has been out of control, making everyone very scared.

In April 2020, when I was studying programs at school, my teacher told me that I found a web page to teach you how to make a cheap forehead gun, so I clicked it in and took a look. The next day, the teacher took out three parts:

1.Arduino Pro Micro


3.SSD1306 oled

Then tell me that I bought the parts to make the forehead gun, and I can show you the research. I first tried to use the sample program on the webpage, but that sample program only constantly updates the sensed values, so I decided to improve it. Wo first added a button on it and added a program to read the button signal, but it was unsuccessful. Later I found that the button I used usually outputs 1, and when pressed, it outputs 0. After a change, it succeeded. Ya! Later, I added an LED to indicate the temperature, but it was still not accurate after the time measurement, so I added a continuous reading for 1 second, reading every 0.1 seconds, and finally calculating the average value, it became accurate!”

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