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A DIY Smart Insole to Check Your Pressure Distribution

The smart insole collects foot pressure data in real-time. Through the information is fed into a system that visualizes the data.

Pressure measurement is already used in a variety of situations. It provides information about gait mechanics and has a wide range of applications, i.e. in clinical situations and in sports. In this project the sensors are used to gain insight about weight distribution. Real-time visualization of pressure mapping is also incorporated because it makes it much easier to understand your data.

Required hardware
Arduino MKR1000 - Most 3.3V or 5V boards with Wi-Fi will do the job, but I wouldn’t encourage to use an ESP for this though. For some reason multiple ESP boards returned inaccurate measurements while creating this project.
Force Sensitive Resistors (3). I used the Interlink 402 (100 N). I’ve also used one more expensive Interlink 406, but in hindsight the 402 would’ve worked too. Use more FSR’s for better accuracy.
10K Resistors. Change the resistor to scale your readings to be in the range you want. The higher the resistors, the bigger the increments are. Find more information on this here.
Accelerometer, I’ve used the 16G ADXL345. Use this to measure acceleration and motion of the foot.
A soldering iron to put it all together. Alligator clips don’t work well in a shoe for obvious reasons.”

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