Pick and Place Robot Arduino - Spinel Crux L2

Amazing pick and place robot using Arduino and robotic arm – awesome new cool looking robot that can pick, place and move objects around it!

After the grand success of the Spinel Crux in the Arduino Robotics workshop, we started working on an add on, which can be placed on top the Spinel Crux – A Robotic Arm, controlled using hand gestures/joystick. A pick and place robot using Arduino and a cool robotic arm, with 4 DOF (degrees of freedom).

Spinel Crux was one of our most successful project that was well received within our RootSaid community as well as outside groups. It was a discussion topic that has been going around for more than a month.

About the Spinel Crux V1
For those who dont know what the Spinel Crux is, Spinel Crux is a remote control gesture controlled robot which can be used for Wireless surveillance in rough terrain and hostile situations.”


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