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FPGA to FPGA IR Communication

Communicating between FPGA up to 40 metres apart using IR modulation.

Processing at the edge is a rapidly increasing application for embedded systems, often these edge nodes are connected using a RF link e.g. Zigbee, WiFi etc. However, there are applications where RF is not suitable for example when you want electrical noise kept to a minimum or when adding RF communication adds significantly to the cost of the system.

In these cases simple communications can be implemented between a host and one or more slaves using Infra Red Communication.

Depending upon the architecture of solution we choose we can achieve very fast data rates to transfer data between FPGAs.

In this project we are going to look at how we can communicate between two Arty S7 boards using IR communications. This project will enable communication using a normal serial / UART communication to make receiving and transmitting data easy.

Of course such an approach also enables the system to be expanded to communicate with other non FPGA embedded systems which have a UART Interface.”

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