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Touch Less Touch Switch - A touch alternative UI

In the prevailing COVID-19 situation, introducing a touch-free User Interface for public machines to avoid community spread of the pandemic.

We all are now fighting against the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. And also, now we are in a situation where we have to adapt to the prevailing conditions with more safety measures. While life coming back to normal with more safety measures to avoid virus infection, adding safety within the public places and crowded areas are also prevailing in the cities. But there were many situations where we have to break the safety measures and interact with an unsafe element to meet the needy. Here, the project is dealing with the prevention of COVID-19 spread though touch interactions or touches.

ATMs, Lifts, Vending Machines, etc are the places where a lots of people make use of those facilities. The chance of virus spread is very high in such places, where a lots of people indirectly comes into contact with other people through touches. The chance of community spread from those places is very high, since a single infected person can be a source of infection to a large number of people.

Thus the idea of the project is to build a touch free or a contact less User Interface for Public-Machine interaction. The idea is mainly concentrated over ATMs, Vending Machines, Lifts, etc were the public can’t avoid touching and where the chance of Corona Virus spread is high.

- Touch less or contact free interactions.
- Easy to customize according the application.
- Cheap.

The hardware of the Touch less touch switch includes an Arduino Mega Board which serves as the main board or the controlling device of the project. Then comes the customized Touch Less Keypad - 01 and Touch Less Keypad -02. These boards severs the function of giving touch less inputs to the Arduino Board.

ArduinoMega is the micro-controller boards used to receive touch less inputs from sensor keys, process according to the code and execute the output.”

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