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Back to the Future Mind Reading Hat

I have a scientific background and since I remember I was into sci-fi too. Few years ago, I have discovered another passion which is 3D printing. With time I have learnt to design and build my own printers and then I started to learn CAD design. Couple years ago I found out about Fusion 360 and I fall in love instantly. I’m still a beginner and I have a lot to learn, but Fusion 360 allowed me to recreate props from my favorite movies.
In this instructables I will show you how I designed and 3D printed mind reading helmet from classic sci-fi trilogy ‘Back to the Future’
Supplies:- PLA
- 2m x 10mm OD perspex tube (3D printed alternative available)
- Arduino Nano
- 13 x 5mm White LED’s
- 13 x 220 Ohm 0.5W resistors
- 9V battery
- 9V battery clip
- On/off slide switch
- Red wire (1mm to 3mm thick)
- Grey wire (5mm to 8mm thick)
- Equipment wire
- Cable ties
- Super glue (I recommend gorilla glue)
- Solder
- 3d Printer
- Soldering iron
- Screwdriver
- Arduino IDE
- Cura (or any other slicing software)”

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