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Phantom Powered Micro-Phone Pre-Amplifier using SSM2019

The project published here is based on SSM2019 IC which is a latest-generation Pro audio preamplifier. A female XLR connector is provided to connect differential Micro-phone. Circuit also provides Phantom power input, combining SSM preamplifier design expertise with advanced processing. The result is excellent audio performance, the attached trimmer potentiometer helps to adjust the output gain. The SSM2019 is further enhanced by its unity-gain stability. Key specifications include ultra-low noise (1.5 dB noise figure) and THD (<0.01% at G = 100), complemented by wide bandwidth and high slew rate. Applications for this low-cost device include microphone preamplifiers and bus summing amplifiers in professional and consumer audio equipment, sonar, and other applications requiring a low noise instrumentation amplifier with high gain capability. Z1 to Z4 provide transient overvoltage protection for the SSM2019 whenever microphones are plugged in or unplugged. Gain level adjustable 0 to 60dB. CN2 connector for supply input and audio output, CN4 Female XLR connector for Micro-Phone input, CN1 Phantom Power input.”

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