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IoT Moisture Sensor

I wanted a moisture sensor that would let me know when indoor plants needed water. I wanted something I could use for seed starting and for mature indoor plants. I am always concerned that I am either over or under watering them.

I have spent a bit of time working on IoT software for Arduino devices, using other people’s software I had a pretty good idea of the requirements for mine.

I wanted something that I could flash to multiple devices and configure over wifi. I didn’t want to have to change a config file each time I uploaded to a new device. I also didn’t want to have to put credentials or other specifics in code as I always intended to share this code.
I also wanted a pretty solid framework of software that I could customize for future projects. This one is a moisture sensor. I might build a motion/light/sound/vibration/tilt sensor and I wanted to be able to use some of the same software for that.
Finally I wanted this to be battery powered and as such I wanted it to last a long time. I spent some time figuring out the Deep Sleep mode where the device will spend most of the time in a dormant state.

- Wemos D1 Mini
- Capacitive Moisture Sensor
- 18650 Battery
- Positive and Negative Battery Connectors
- Slide Switches

Access to a 3D Printer is also pretty essential though you could find other ways to connect and house the parts.”

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