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Tells the time in both our “surface” system and in the “D’ni” time system used in the Myst games. Featuring custom 25-segment displays

My wall clock in my house recently died, and with there being a running joke that Im a time traveller thanks to my DeLorean, I thought I might as well build a replacement clock myself so it could be extra unique. Heres what I came up with: a self-setting, self-correcting, self-adjusting wall clock/chronometer that tells time both in our timekeeping system and in the 25-hour Dni timekeeping system used in the Myst series of video games. This’s actually pretty handy if you want to know if its the right time to log in for certain events in Myst Online: Uru Live. Technically its more a chronometer than a clock the main difference is that chronometers have far higher accuracy & precision, to the point that they can be used for scientific experiments. For this one, its generally safe to assume it shouldnt read outside 0.003s of the actual time, but in practice its under 0.001s”

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