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On one fated late August day, my Subaru BRZ came to a surprising halt in the keyhole at Road Atlanta. It was going to take a while to source and buy a new engine and I still wanted to get some seat time in.

Why would you do this?

Seat time is the best way to develop your skills as a driver. It’s hard to keep your skills sharp when you’re not at the racetrack. Most people turn to buying sim rigs to alleviate that.
These usually include a gaming PC (or console), steering wheel, pedals, gear shifter, monitor rig, racing seat, handbrake, VR headset, and a rig or frame to tie everything together.
These setups spiral up in cost as you start to invest in it. This is exacerbated once you want to replicate the feel of an actual car with direct drive steering wheels, load cell pedals, and all sorts of other fancy but really expensive components.”

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