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Take a stroll or set it on a candy hunt!

This little bugger loves candy.. So he tries to run them over! The DetectBot is programmed using the pre-made Nvidia JetPack 4.3 from the Nvidia Jetson ”Hello world” there are just a few more installations needed to be done to get it up and running.

Due to the lack of time the hardware setup and program code is as of now just made to work it will be updated in the future.

The CandyNet detect program is only trained on about 100 images and whit a black surface, I decided to use 50x50 to 400x400 bounding boxes so the bot is unable to detect candy more than about 30cm from the camera, this can be remedied/improved with settings when creating a new detection model.

Multi object dates from SSD-Mobilenet-v2 using 91-COCO classes or by making your own dataset, you can set manual parameters for follow and avoidance - remote control and video transfer. In the demo I’ve taken pictures of a candy and the different object i’d like the bot to avoid.

This robot will after being trained be able to go on autopilot/classify objects and when finding pre-set objects it can find and identefy/follow, if the trained network has some problems you can whit a remote PC control the Bot whit a keyboard.

DetectBot can be remotely controlled using any Linux/Windows/Mac PC using noMachine, however it needs an HDMI connected before NoMachine can render the correct size of the screen, so connect an HDMI screen.. start the DetectBot and wait 1 min after that it can be disconnected. for video/keyboard streaming download NoMachine to both PC and Jetson Nano -

I decided to make a high end autonomous navigation system as a UNI final exam project, but there is a catch I had no idea how object detection worked, further more I had never programmed in Python or handled board outputs, so with this in mind I realized I had to start somewhere.. I found the Jetson Nano and wanted to make a Jetbot without using their chassi. Trying to follow the Jebtbot instructions I soon realized that it expected a webcam to be used whit Jupierlab and I were using the MSI camera, furthermore I like to have more control than one gets in Jupiterlab so I decided to do my own project using the Jetson Nano image.”

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