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Embedded Machine learning on Attiny85

You won’t believe it, but you can run Machine learning on embedded systems like an Attiny85 (and many others Attiny)!

When I first run a Machine learning project on my Arduino Nano (old generation), it already felt a big achievement. I mean, that board has only 32 Kb of program space and 2 Kb of RAM and you can buy a chinese clone for around 2.50 $.

It already opened the path to a embedded machine learning at a new scale, given the huge amount of microcontrollers ready to become “intelligent”.

But it was not enough for me: after all, the MicroML generator exports plain C that should run on any embedded system, not only on Arduino boards.

So I setup to test if I could go even smaller and run it on the #1 of tiny chips: the Attiny85.”

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